I dagarna kom en ny bok ut: Service Design: From insight to implementation.

Boken går igenom de olika stegen i Tjänstedesignprocessen. Exakt hur den skiljer sig åt från till exempel This Is Service Design Thinking är ännu oklart. Efter att ha läst kapitel 6 verkar det som att boken går lite djupare/längre än vad This Is Service Design gjorde.

Ett utdrag ur kapitel 6 som på ett bra sätt förklarar skillnaden på Tjänstedesign och till exempel UX/Interaktionsdesign.

”This convergence of skills is probably the most common reason why people from other design and business disciplines perceive service design as the same thing that they already do. At the individual touchpoint level, this is often true. Service design projects draw upon specific expertise where appropriate, and the blueprint and associated material is the design specification for these other capabilities. The difference is that the entire service ecosystem is also designed and connected together. It does not just happen by accident because the various parts are in the same service. The entire purpose of service design blueprinting is to ensure that all the different elements across all touchpoints are not designed in isolation. The blueprint leads to the design specifications for each touchpoint and acts as a way to orchestrate them all. Service design is both broad and deep.”